Coàgul & Escama Serrada

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Marc O’Callaghan (Coàgul) and Sergio Méndez (Escama Serrada)

Despite its recent physical manifestation, “Sub Luna Regis” was actually forged between 2015 and 2016 as a kind of cadavre exquis modeled by four hands in a collaborative digital dialogue between two of the most interesting personalities of the Catalan post-industrial scene: on the one hand, Escama Serrada, the solo project of Sergio Méndez, a cult band with a brief but highly intense work influenced by the sound of bands such as Coil, Psychic TV or The Legendary Pink Dots. His music is imbued with surrealism and dark impulses that glow like unsettling frames in the fire of self-combustion. His first LP, after a split album with Ô Paradis, band of which he has been a regular contributor to their live shows, was published on the label TuT/RuR, run by members of the band Wermut. He is usually accompanied by Léo of Niedowierzanie in his rare but legendary performances. The other architect of this Opus Magnum is the multidisciplinary artist Marc O’Callaghan, alias Coàgul, author of an extensive and coherent work published by several record labels, among which is The Nekofutschata Musick Cabaret, owned by Jürgen Weber of Nový Svět. Throughout his career he’s explored the path of symbolic correspondences from the perspective of various magical traditions such as Kabbalah, astrology and alchemy, and is deeply influenced by William Burroughs work methods, and the Catalan artist Vagina Dentata Organ’s Jordi Valls. Marc is one of the most prolific artists of Barcelona’s underground scene, and each of his live shows is a unique performance in which the sacred and the profane, the flesh, the scream, the sweat, the rumble and the punk attitude combine perfectly with an ecstatic-cathartic discourse, an accurate symbolism and an esoteric intention. “Sub Luna Regis” is Escama Serrada and Coàgul dissecting under the light of the moon, each from their own laboratory, the realm of the subconscious through harsh, dark and ritualistic electronic sonorities, without dismissing melody and brightness, in something that we could call Mediterranean Esoteric Industrial Pop. What could go wrong?

“Sub Luna Regis” is the first reference of the microlabel Grabaciones Sentimentales, founded by the members of Comando Suzie.